Product Concerned:A Compression apparatus

  • ADT Series

    ADT Series Automatic Drain Traps
    For trapping water and other drainage inside an air tank or air dryer and
    completely discharging it after a specified time.

  • MDT-2E Drain Tanks

    MDT-2E Drain Tanks
    Collects heavy drainage and helps to keep the workplace clean.
    Use with ADT Series automatic drain traps.

  • GOS Series

    GOS Series Oil Sensors
    Prevent compressor burn-out due to a depleted lubricating oil supply.

  • HB Series

    HB Series Air Transformers
    For removal of relatively small particles of water and dust,
    and for convenient adjustment of air pressure.

  • Model DD800 Dust Filters

    Model DD800 Dust Filters
    Completely shuts out dust, ensuring that only clean air is supplied to the compressor.

  • AD and FD Series

    AD and FD Series Automatic Drain Valves for Piping Equipment
    Automatically discharge drainage midway along a pipe line, or from an air cleaner or dryer.




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