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Wide selection of models

In addition to models specially designed for use with tile, resin, mortar, stucco, micro-fine stucco, etc.,

our extensive product line-up also includes multi-purpose spray guns and other models for every type of application.


Lightweight, excellent balance

Optimum efficiency design makes these spray guns extremely light-weight and

the excellent handling balance minimizes operator fatigue during extended use.


Thoughtfully designed to make work easier

(Models SGS, AGA, KGA and LGA)

The large cup capacity and good paint flow make working with these spray gun easier.

An air regulating valve eliminates uneven spraying to ensure consistently reliable 

painting , and a valve button locking system enables continuous operation.


How to Select a Spray Gun for Architectural Painting

Determine the spray gun and paint nozzle bore to be used according to the name of the

paint, the paint viscosity, the size of the aggregate, and the pattern.

Also refer to the standard specifications listed in the paint catalog with regard to the

spray gun name, nozzle bore, spraying pressure, etc.


Types of Aggregate

Quartz sand, white marble, sand, clay-based crushed grains

50 mesh = 279μm

Reference sizes : Table salt = 100μm,

            Strand of human hair = 70μm

Specification information

Model No.         KG<KGA>        
Type Tile gun
Paint feed system Gravity
Nozzle bore mm 5.0, 6.5, 8.0
<6.5, 8.0, 10>
Air nozzle bore mm 3.0<2.5>
Spraying pressure MPa 0.29-0.49
Air con-sumption L/min 100-210
Spray pattern Round
Required compressor output    kW 0.75 or more
Paint Cup Capacity L 2.7
Weight g 900<700>
Measurement M3 0.07/4PC





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